Our Services

We create technology that is probably in your pocket right now.

We are your star team of IT experts along with your team of people to help build great solutions.


Home Automation Platform. Treatment Plant Sensors. Alarm control. Java architecture.


CRM Health Apps. Mobile banking. Audio streaming. Medical apps.


High-end spectrum. Buy and rate Comics.

Digital marketing

Health challenges. Metric dashboards. Digital Marketing Campaigns.


Help desk. E-learning. QA

Our Industry

  • Health, fitness and nutrition.
  • Medical, health care and benefits.
  • Social media and networking.
  • Educational software.
  • Sales, marketing and fundraising.
  • IoT, smart devices and smart homes.

Action areas

  • Mobile Apps.
  • Development of custom software.
  • Firmware.
  • Quality assurance in the Software.
  • E-Commerce.
  • Marketing and User Experience.
Eleu - Project Manager
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