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Company dedicated to providing tailored software solutions for a variety of small and medium-sized companies nationally and internationally.

Our services

We are your star team of IT experts along with your team of people to help build great solutions.


Home Automation Platform. Treatment Plant Sensors. Alarm control. Java architecture.


CRM Health Apps. Mobile banking. Audio streaming. Medical apps.

Digital marketing

Health challenges. Metric dashboards. Digital Marketing Campaigns.


High-end spectrum. Buy and rate Comics.


Help desk. E-learning. QA

About us

Natalia - Tech Lead


We provide high quality technological solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients, through consulting and custom software development, with a qualified team, an excellent work environment and a responsible contribution to the environment.


Position ourselves as a solid company, leader and recognized for its quality at national and international level, as consultants and developers of high technology, with human, social and environmental responsibility.

Eleu - Project Manager

Our values


Ties that unite us all the members of the company, associating and supporting each other based on the qualities and abilities of each one of us.


The horizontal nature of relationships in the company is based on open ideas, personal appreciation and humility, thus providing opportunity and equality to all employees.


To achieve the objectives, the work is carried out together, integrating the ideas of the collaborators, in an environment of union, empathy, trust, responsibility and cooperation.


Sense of belonging that drives us to have a responsible, proactive and persevering attitude in order to achieve the objectives of the organization with excellence and transparency.


Awareness and compliance with the rights and obligations in the execution of our work, being consistent and ethical in the actions issued with colleagues, the organization, clients, the environment and society.


Incorporation of good practices in services and products, aimed at meeting the needs and exceeding customer expectations in an ethical, creative and professional manner.


Natalia - Tech Lead


I have been able to witness the importance of each collaborator in Cecropia. It has always been important for the company that its collaborators are doing well professionally but also personally, and provides individual support to each one in the situations that are necessary, demonstrating that each person counts and is important.

Tech Lead


I feel that my work has a positive impact on the company as well as on the projects I work on.

Allan - developer


Cecropia has a family atmosphere, that for me is very important, in addition, the follow-up and the importance they give to each one of the employees. We always have the doors open to discuss any topic.

Rosa- Human Resources


Working with CECROPIA has been a great learning process and putting my knowledge into practice. It is a company with great vision, open and adaptable to changes while caring for its collaborators in different areas.

Recursos Humanos


Much friendship and camaraderie, lot of knowledge is shared among colleagues because there are different levels of experience, we work with a feeling of quality, of meeting customer expectations


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